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So many people enjoy playing golf because they love the challenges, especially the mental challenges, that it offers. It's also a wonderfully social sport that allows you to spend time with business contacts, friends and family. People of all backgrounds and ages love to play golf.

No matter why you love golf, your current skill level or handicap, all golfers want to improve and could benefit from some type of golf school. In fact, the average golfer never breaks 90. We're committed to helping people be more consistent, improve their short game and swing, hit longer and more accurately, lower their score and boost their confidence through our books, DVDs and other specialty products. There's something for everyone-whether you want to focus on your grip, accuracy, power, mental focus or correcting faults.

Golf Instruction Videos

We have created an exciting, comprehensive golf video series, Practice Like a Pro®, that covers the keys to preparing yourself with mental strategies and essential skills required to improve your golf game. Find ways to advance your golf short game, and hear the secrets Tour Pros use in their careers. These golf videos also feature an insightful, in-depth conversation with respected sports psychologist and best-selling golf book author, Dr. Bob Rotella.

Instructional Books

In addition to our golf instruction video series, we have Dr. Bob Rotellas' full line of golf books, including Golf is Not a Game of Perfect, The Golf of Your Dreams, and his most recently published, Your 15th Club.

Pro Shop

Find training aids or golf video tips for your specific area of interest. Find products to train your muscle memory, perfect your pendulum putting stroke or measure your clubhead speed. Watch the short online golf videos to learn more about our products.

Explore and enjoy our Practice Like a Pro® site. Learn about our golf video lessons and prepare for the game of your life! We guarantee you'll enjoy the game of golf like never before, and it all begins with our captivating golf training video series, best-selling books and other golf training aids.

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Practice Like A Pro DVD Series
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Insights from some of
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Practice Like a Pro DVD Set
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Keys to the Short Game - Disc 1
Disc 1 is all about the fundamentals of the short game, with revealing commentary from some of the top players on the PGA Tour.
The Scoring Clubs - Disc 2
Disc 2 covers the importance of “The scoring clubs” starting with the wedges. Learn distance control and mental strategies with valuable tips and unique games that help make improving quick, easy and fun!
Putting and 20 Min. Routine - Disc 3
Disc 3 is the Practice Like A Pro Putting Feature. Packed with drills, games and the mental strategies to drop key putts. Also included is a 20 Min. pre-round practice routine, specifically designed to improve your game!
A Conversation with Dr. Bob Rotella - Disc 4
Disc 4 is a rare, one on one conversation with renowned sports psychologist and best-selling author Dr. Bob Rotella. You’ll see why he’s considered the secret weapon for so many of the top PGA, LPGA, Champions and Nationwide Tour Pros.
Bonus DVD and Drills and Games Chart
Bonus Fifth Disc
Take your new game out on the range with this limited-edition Bonus Disc. A rare, behind the scenes look at a practice round with Tour Pros where you can see these tips working in actual play.
Drills and Games Chart
If you act now, you will receive this beautifully laminated Drills and Games Chart; perfect for taking on the range to monitor your progress and watch your scores drop!
Unlock the secrets of the Tour Pros!
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Golf Pro Stewart Cink
Golf Pro Padraig Harrington
Golf Pro David Toms
Golf Pro Brad Faxon
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